Improving Health Naturally with These Basics

Natural Health Care the Right Way!

My mission in life is guiding others to better health without medication or surgery!

This is why I chose to write these courses.

I want to reach those that can not see me for whatever reason!!

This is 10 years of practice - stream lined into easy to follow systems. 

These courses  will teach you what to do on a step by step basis. Following these steps will improve your health and keep you well for the years to come. 

Vibrant living healthy will help you reach your God given potential for helping others and reaching your mission in life, whatever that may be.

I'm so happy you are on this journey along with me. Be Blessed!

Natural Period Repair

Birth control is NOT an option for painful and heavy periods. Know that any medication you take comes with a price and over time makes things worse. Learn 3 Natural Steps that I have learned over the last 10 years of helping women improve their hormones naturally.  Follow these simple steps to help improve not only your cycle, but your overall health will improve as well. Improve your overall health in the process as a woman's period is a great indication of her overall health.  This is for the average woman who does not have any major fibriods or endometriosis, but would just like to have a lighter, painfree period. If the following 3 steps do not help, then further support with a Natural Doctor is suggested. 
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How to eat for Weight Loss & Focus

Cravings? No energy? Not sleeping well? This course will teach you what you need to eat, how you need to eat, and when you need to eat to cut those cravings, lose weight, and feel great! Did you know that not eating enough protein can play a huge role in your blood sugar levels and thus keep you from losing weight? Understand the connection between thyroid, adrenals, and hormones and weight loss. Follow these simple steps and weight loss will happen in a healthy way! 
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Stress & Fatigue

Learn the ramifications of what STrESs does to your body and health. Learn the connection to stress and the adrenal glands, thyroid, and hormones. Learn some easy ways to deal with stress and improve your health naturally.
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Natural Allergy Relief

Tired of being on medications for your allergies? Is a tissue a permanent fixture in your hand? Would you like some tips on eliminating allergies? Learn 3 Ways to Improve your Allergies Naturally Learn the foods that cause more allergy symptoms, which ones to avoid Learn ways to lower histamine that causes allergies Learn how your digestive system is tied to it all
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Natural Ways to Impove your Immune System

Learn 4 Easy ways to improve your Immune System. Did you know that just 1 teaspoon of  sugar will decrease your immunity for 5 hours? Would you like to learn easy and natural ways to improve your immunity and keep you shields up and fortified? Taking over the counter medications or any medication for that fact comes with a price.  There are SO many ways you can improve your immune system and keep yourself from getting sick without medications or any flu shots! Praying this helps keep you and your family well for years to come!
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Foundations of Wellness - Step by Step Guide to Better Health NOW!

Learn the basic foundations of natural health with this 4 lecture course! $500 dollars worth of knowledge for $57 - it is a great deal! This information has been attained from my 10  years of practice - learn these basics and improve your health without having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in visits and supplements. This course will over : 1. How to Eat for Energy, Focus, & Weight Loss Learn the easy ways you can increase your energy and focus during the day. What foods to eat for energy and easy ways to incorporate this with the added bonus of weight loss. Understand why your body craves sweets and what you can do about it. Know that the body craves sweets for a reason and how to eliminate these cravings naturally.  2. How to Read Food Labels & Determine if a Food IS Worth Eating Know the 4 Easy steps to determine if a food is healthy or not by reading the food label. Sometimes it's just really good marketing that throws you off.  But when it comes down to the nitty gritty that food is really garbage, full of chemicals and sugar and not worthy to be eaten. This will change your health and therefore your life of you and your family. 3. Tips for Better Life Balance The American culture consists of a lot of go go go and not enough rest and relaxation. As Americans we even eat while driving and working, a big no no for Europeans. Did you know that the definition of being stressed is the inability to do nothing and relax? We will review 5 Tips for Better Life Balance.  Topics we will cover will talk about the following:  Better boundaries in life A Simple way to determine if you are breathing properly Which exercise is best for you Rules to Eating One thing you must do when stress is HIGH 4. Every Day Toxins and How to AVOID them.  People simply do not realize how toxic their body's become on a day to day basis. Everyday a person can be exposed to over 10,000 toxic elements daily. This number has doubled over the years.  As time passes more and more toxins are produced and increase. Unfortunaetly these amounts do accumulate with time and as we age, we only get MORE toxic. This course is to educate you on the ways you can become toxic and ways to lower your everyday toxic burden.  The more toxic you are the more health issues you will have.  AND it's never IF you are toxic, but HOW toxic are you, that is the question. 5. Stress and Fatigue and YOUR Body Did you know that there is such a thing as a positive stressor? We all know about the negative stressors in our lives.  BUT how about those invisible stressors that wreck havoc on our bodies.  Take a stress inventory and see where you gauge on the scale of stress vs stressed.  Learn about the adrenal glands and how they are correlated with the thyroid and hormones.  Did you know that if you have hormonal issues it will probably play a huge role with your thyroid as well? Did you know that both the thyroid and adrenal glands are heavily connected and if there is a problem with one then there is a high likelihood that there will be an issue with the other?
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About Dr. Michelle Dillon

My passion and calling is to improve you and your families' health naturally. I'm a doctor who doesn't do medication.  I wrote these courses so that I could help a wider population of people who would not necessarilty have the means to come see me in person at the office.  These courses are the basics that I try to teach every patient of mine and hope that you use it to improve your health naturally.  Take one step at a time and watch your health change for the better!  Here's a little about my back story and how I became a natural doctor. 
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