About Dr. Michelle Dillon by Dr. Michelle Dillon

About Dr. Michelle Dillon

How & Why I do what I do.


My passion and calling is to improve you and your families' health naturally. I'm a doctor who doesn't do medication. 

I wrote these courses so that I could help a wider population of people who would not necessarilty have the means to come see me in person at the office. 

These courses are the basics that I try to teach every patient of mine and hope that you use it to improve your health naturally. 

Take one step at a time and watch your health change for the better! 

Here's a little about my back story and how I became a natural doctor. 

What's included?

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Dr. Michelle's Back Story
10 mins

Improving Health Naturally with These Basics

Natural Health Care the Right Way!

My mission in life is guiding others to better health without medication or surgery!

This is why I chose to write these courses.

I want to reach those that can not see me for whatever reason!!

This is 10 years of practice - stream lined into easy to follow systems. 

These courses  will teach you what to do on a step by step basis. Following these steps will improve your health and keep you well for the years to come. 

Vibrant living healthy will help you reach your God given potential for helping others and reaching your mission in life, whatever that may be.

I'm so happy you are on this journey along with me. Be Blessed!